Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Scotlyn loves to be out and about. She loves going to the grocery store, car rides, stroller rides, and even walks to the mailbox. Today she was getting cranky so we went for a walk to the park. Scotlyn loved the swing. She wore herself out.

Herman the Snowman

My sisters and I built the coolest svowman on Christmas day. It was so much fun. We needed Marks help to get the middle ball on top of the bottom, it had to weigh 200 lbs. We had to make a ramp and roll it up. and that took a couple tries, but we did it. Thanks to our Dad for the eyes, mouth , buttons, and best of all top hat.

Christmas Day

Kings and Surfs hats. Scotlyns First Christmas was so fun!

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Scotlyn couldn't wait to rip into her presents!

Watching TV with Dad

I love this picture of Scotlyn and Mark. Scotlyn loves her Daddy,