Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!

I love Memorial Day, I love Desert Chorale's annual Memorial Day concert, I love the long weekend with Mark home and I love when family comes to visit. Memorial day gets me in the mood for Summer. This Memorial Day started Friday making cinnamon rolls for company that was coming, actually that was just an excuse for me to make them, Liz and I have been wanting to make them since last enrichment when they taught us how. Not to brag, but Liz and I made some dang good cinnamon rolls. Then that night we had our Chorale concert. I love singing Patriotic songs. My sisters Crista, Larissa and a friend Lindsey came to town and we had an awesome girls weekend. I love hanging out with my sisters. Saturday we shopped and just hung out. Mark was handy man for a day and fixed the garbage disposal and a leaky faucet, he is such a good husband! Sunday Mark's Mom, Tim and Becca came to church and had lunch with us. We get a lot more visitors since Scotlyn arrived. Of course, it wouldn't be Memorial Day without some swimming.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tomatoes are Taking Over!

This year I tried gardening again. Last year was a learing session in gardening. I learned a lot of what I did didn't work. I got my garden in early this year and it is doing well. It is still not perfect, but it is growing good. Still have things I will change next time, like giving tomatoes more space. My tomato plants took off this year and are taking over, the poor green peppers are surrounded. I can't wait till the tomatoes ripen and we can eat from our own garden. I love gardening it is so fun to watch everything grow!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This Saturday Mark didn't have work or school, YAY!!! We were so glad to have him home. Mark had a work BBQ at Sunset Park so we went to that and then we fed the ducks. Mark got one of the ducks to eat out of his hand. Scotlyn got so excited when they would get close, then a little scared. I was mad I forgot my camera, at least I remembered the bread. It was fun just to walk around the park. I never realized how big Sunset Park is.
On Sunday Mark got up with Scotlyn and let me sleep in, best gift ever, then he made breakfast and lunch. Mark cracks me up whenever he gets me flowers they aren't the normal flowers like roses, or a spring bouquet. This time he got me sunflowers, I love it! it's always something different. He is such a great husband! I also got flowers delivered from my big brother, he is so sweet. He is going to make a great husband, he is always so thoughtful. He wouldn't want you to think that, but he is all heart under that big, ruff anf tuff exterior. To top off Mother's day my Mom sent me a very sweet card that got me all teary eyed. And, thanks to my sista's for all the Happy Mother's Day wishes.
There is nothing better than being a Mom. It has been a drastic change in my life, but is the best one. I couldn't ask for a better job. I love my family so much. I love my Mom and am thankful for her and the example she is to me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Trip to the Lake

Last Saturday we went to the Lake with Aunt Tiera and Jeromy and their 2 boys. It was fun to get out in the sun with family. I am not sure Scotlyn enjoyed the life jacket, can't blame her. It didn't stop her from an afternoon nap. She was so out I was afraid she wasn't breathing.