Saturday, January 23, 2010

New words

I love the age Scotlyn is at. She is starting to talk and I love when she says a new word. She loves words with P in them. Puppy, Grandpa, Hippo. Marks favorite is when she says "bye, see ya". My new favorite is when she Says " I love you" The video is not the best, but you can hear it good.


This year for Christmas we stayed home. It was wierd not haveing tons of family around, but it was good. On Christmas Eve we went to the Strip and Walked around City Center. It was fun to see where Mark worked and all that he did. We had Enchiladas for dinner and then opened our traditional pajamas. Christmas day we opened presents then Caleb came over for breakfast. We then headed over to Marks Grandpa's and Had dinner with Marks Mom and family.