Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mt Charleston

We finally went to Mt. Charleston, we have been talking about it for a long time. We did some dutch oven cooking, so yummy. I love being in the mountains and eating good grub. Scotlyn loved it, she loves being outside and of course she had to walk the whole time. I think Scotlyn looks so cute in her hoodie and jeans.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mark and Scotlyn

I am going to brag about my amazing husband and sweet little girl. Don't tell Mark he hates it when I talk about him. Yesterday Mark and I had an appointment close to where I had a doctor appointment, so we all went together. After our 1st appointment we went to lunch an then to the park before my appointment. The park was did not start out very successful. Scotlyn was trying to climb up the slide and she slipped and cut her lip. I have never seen so much blood come form a lip. After we cleaned her up she was ready to go again. Not even a minute later she fell again and hit her lip again, but that didn't phase her she wanted to keep on playing. While we were at the park Jehovah witness missionaries came over and started talking to us. I was so glad that Mark was there because I am not a scriptorian who can sit there and name of scriptures. Mark was awesome they would tell him a scripture and ask him a question and Mark would come back with a better scripture and ask them questions. It was a good disscussion and at the end Mark says " I have read the Bible and have prayed about it like you have, and I have also read the book of Mormon and prayed about it, have you ?' I was cracking up because they came over expecting to challenge us to read and pray about the Bible and Mark ends up challenging them to read and pray about the BOM. Mark is such an amazing husbund and Father. He is strong in the church and he has been so supportive with me finishing school. The house is always picked up and the dishes done when I get home, he has been great!

Now a little bragging about Scotlyn. She is a clumsy kid, but she is so smart and Mark and I love watching her learn and grow. She does sign language for milk, sleep, eat, more, baby and kind of does mommy and daddy. I love it when she does milk insted of chucking the bottle at me or screaming till I figure out what she wants. She is miss little independant now that she is walking. She had to walk around Costco instead of riding inthe cart and she wouldn't hold my hand. It is so funny to see her walking around because she is so little. She love's to wear her soft sole shoes and no clothes, she is a crack up. We love our little Scotty.

This is her fat lip.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Latest

This is attempt number 2 to write this blog. My last one Scotlyn managed to delete. Mom this is why it has been so long. She is our Dennis the Menace. She can destroy a clean house in less than a minute. She pulls out every bow I put in her hair. She will do something she is not supposed to and look at you and smile, then take off running when you go to stop her. The whole time I was writing the first post she was biting me and laughing. For some reason she thinks it is funny to bite mom and only mom no matter what I do. She is now in her crib crying. She is a feisty little girl. She has so much personality for such a tiny girl. She is a handful, but she is a keeper. We love her so much! We are constantly laughing at her.

Things she loves: Reading books, she loves to bring them to you. Saying hi, this is my favorite and hers. Walking, finally gave up crawling. Going up and down the stairs. Dancing, and she is good! Bananas, she loves her bananas. Swimming, she is a fish, sad summer is over. She is fearless, she is our dare devil. Loves her Baby Einstein videos. Loves to play with the camera. I can't take pictures without her reaching for it. Love her finger puppets. I know I am forgetting stuff, but I need to go get Scotlyn out of her time out. Here are some pictures. We don't let her stand on the table, but it had been 3 days of fever and crying and she was happy.