Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Latest

This is attempt number 2 to write this blog. My last one Scotlyn managed to delete. Mom this is why it has been so long. She is our Dennis the Menace. She can destroy a clean house in less than a minute. She pulls out every bow I put in her hair. She will do something she is not supposed to and look at you and smile, then take off running when you go to stop her. The whole time I was writing the first post she was biting me and laughing. For some reason she thinks it is funny to bite mom and only mom no matter what I do. She is now in her crib crying. She is a feisty little girl. She has so much personality for such a tiny girl. She is a handful, but she is a keeper. We love her so much! We are constantly laughing at her.

Things she loves: Reading books, she loves to bring them to you. Saying hi, this is my favorite and hers. Walking, finally gave up crawling. Going up and down the stairs. Dancing, and she is good! Bananas, she loves her bananas. Swimming, she is a fish, sad summer is over. She is fearless, she is our dare devil. Loves her Baby Einstein videos. Loves to play with the camera. I can't take pictures without her reaching for it. Love her finger puppets. I know I am forgetting stuff, but I need to go get Scotlyn out of her time out. Here are some pictures. We don't let her stand on the table, but it had been 3 days of fever and crying and she was happy.


Lindsey said...

Its been too long since I've seen her! Her hair is so long, she looks like a different baby! I heard congratulations is in order???

Shane and Bonnie Peavler said...

She looks so much older now! So much hair!!! And what's this about a Congratulations??

Liz - Jess said...

You forgot to say that she loves Liz! haha... :)
That little girl is one cute little stinker. I have never seen so much personality in such a tiny little girl. I think she is crazy! I love it!

Kendra said...

She's so cute. Crue drives me crazy too. Gotta love it.
Oh yeah, congratulations! Jared told me after you left so I wasn't able to tell you when you were here. Good luck. I hope all goes well.

Cav Family said...

She is such a cutie! I love getting to see her in primary.She has such a cute personality.