Monday, May 3, 2010

The rest of what we've been up to

I don't know how people keep up on their blogging when they have kids. I swear they know when I am trying to get something done and they both need me. I wanted to post about Scotlyn and Ethan they are both growing up to fast. Here is what they've been up to.
Scotlyn is such a smart little girl. She is always making us laugh. I can't believe she will be 2 in June. I love this little girl so much, but she can make me want to pull out my hair. She is such a little pip squeak, but she makes up for it in personality. Here is a little about her
-Knows a lot of aninals and what sounds they make.
-Knows all her body parts
-loves to talk on the phone. this morning she called my mom and had a conversation, then said love you bye.
-She is a little Daddy's girl.
-Loves to give hugs and kisses the her baby brother
-She is talking so good
-She repeats everything, She loves yelling Mark and Caitlin.
- Whenever she does anything she claps her hands and says good girl.
-says please and thank you. Yesterday at church she said thank you to the boy that passed us the sacrament
-loves to wear mommy's shoes
- She loves to sing and dance, she will sing along in church with the hymn book open
We love our little Scotty!
Ethan is such a sweet happy boy. He
-loves his hand
-coos all the time
-sucks his thumb
-loves to bounce
-loves to snuggle
We are so blessed with such beautiful kids.

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Liz - Jess said...

I love that picture of Ethan sucking his little thumb! You're kids are so tiny and adorable.