Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!

I love Memorial Day, I love Desert Chorale's annual Memorial Day concert, I love the long weekend with Mark home and I love when family comes to visit. Memorial day gets me in the mood for Summer. This Memorial Day started Friday making cinnamon rolls for company that was coming, actually that was just an excuse for me to make them, Liz and I have been wanting to make them since last enrichment when they taught us how. Not to brag, but Liz and I made some dang good cinnamon rolls. Then that night we had our Chorale concert. I love singing Patriotic songs. My sisters Crista, Larissa and a friend Lindsey came to town and we had an awesome girls weekend. I love hanging out with my sisters. Saturday we shopped and just hung out. Mark was handy man for a day and fixed the garbage disposal and a leaky faucet, he is such a good husband! Sunday Mark's Mom, Tim and Becca came to church and had lunch with us. We get a lot more visitors since Scotlyn arrived. Of course, it wouldn't be Memorial Day without some swimming.


Jessi McCall said...

Liz failed to mention this little bake-fest. I totally need to come to one of your houses soon and steal a few! :)
I don't think I can do that race in July. Too hot and too soon. I'll tag along for a few runs with ya though!

Sara said...

Those Cinnamon rolls look delicious! You might have to pass on your technique when I see you next. Speaking of which, Elyse and I are planning on coming down in July.

Liz - Jess said...

YU-MMY!! We rock! haha... I really had a lot of fun doing that. Cooking with friends is so much better.