Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Kiddos!

Scotlyn jumped in the tub with Ethan and they had a blast. Look at those roles!

Scotlyn! where to begin? This child can make me laugh and cry all in just a minute. She turned 2 in June and totally acts the part. She is the biggest cheese ball ever! She loves to dance, sing, play the piano and put on a show and when she is done she expects an applause. She refuses to go potty in the toilet, she has done it and knows how, but doesn't want to. She is a huge tease and just so random.There is never a dull moment in our house when Scotlyn is around. She is very independent and has a mind of her own. She won't wear anything she doesn't want to. She loves boots. She used to wear mine all the time, then she saw her friend with a pair and the next time we went to target she saw a pair in her size and we couldn't leave without them. She wears them all the time. Scotlyn wears me out everyday and i can't let her out of my sight, but she is the sweetest little girl and we love her so much. She loves to give hugs and kisses. I love it when she gives hugs and says " my favorite" and she just started telling me I'm pretty. Love our girl!

Ethan is the happiest baby. I love it! He is always laughing. I love it when Scotlyn gets in his face and they just sit and laugh at each other. Ethan is sitting up on his own and almost crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks then falls down. He is Huge! I am used to a little pip squeak, he weighs the same as his 2 year old sister and he is only 7 months. He loves baby food, which is the total opposite from Scotlyn. He is at that clingy stage and if he can't see mommy he freaks out. He says mama, loves his daddy and loves to grab your face. We love our little man so much and so glad he is part of our family!

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