Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing up too fast!

My kids are growing up way too fast! Marks Step mom sent us a box of stuff from Marks childhood in it Mark found a book that his mom kept of Mark. It had a paragraph every couple of weeks that had funny stories or accomplishments. It was really fun to read , so I want to try and keep up on my blogging so Scotlyn and Ethan can read about them when they are older. We'll see how it goes!

Scotlyn is so dang cute! I love her more everyday! She is such a wild child, but so sweet and lovable. Whenever you leave the house she says "need kiss need kiss" you can't leave without a hug and a kiss. She knows all the letter sounds. She can spell her name. Every time she spells her name she yells her name after, it is so cute! She can count to 5 and sometimes to 10 if she isn't distracted. She is talking so good, I can understand pretty much all of what she is saying. She has had a hard time saying her f sound and she love goofy, but she calls him goopy. Mark was trying to get her to say the f sound so he was elongating all the sounds and so she copied him and still said p it was so funny because she tried so hard and emphasized the p sound. She LOVES to go to the Library, she knows how to checkout and has to help. When we go shopping she has to help scan the items and helps swipe the card and sign it. Hse is such a big helper. She still refuses to potty train, not that iI am really pushing it. She is so little, poor girl can't get on the toilet by herself or reach the sink. She is terrified to sit on the toilet because one time she tried to get on and fell in, poor kid. Diapers are much easier right now. Scotlyn is such a good big sister, she loves to play with Ethan and loves to see him smile, she rips out his binki and says "smile cute." We love our Scotlyn!

Ethan is not my little baby anymore. I miss my baby, but love my happy boy! He is EVERY WHERE. He has been crawling since 6 months. He never army crawled like Scotlyn, straight up to hands and knees. Loves the stairs! Before we got a gate Mark was watching the kids and went to the bathroom and when he came out Ethan was on stair 10 and Scotlyn was at the top saying "come on buddy, come on." The 2 of them keep us on our toes. Ethan LOVES his baby food. He eats sooo much! He eats food and still nurses as much as he did before he started on food. He loves his Dad! He cries every time Mark leaves for work. He is such a Happy boy and we love him so much!


Nicole said...

What cute little kiddos! I agree about potty training. No rush. When it's time, then it's easy.

Kurt and Kortney Tobler said...

Haha...love your post! Your kids are adorable. And I know what you mean about them keeping you on your toes. I feel the same way and mine aren't as close together! lol. I don't know how you do it :) But good job!